Professional Development Activities and Support Among Physical Education Teachers in the United States


  • Catherine E. Cardina Buffalo State College
  • Carol DeNysschen Buffalo State College



professional development, physical education teachers, teacher education, beginning teachers, physical education


Purpose: This study described professional development (PD) among public school physical education (PE) teachers and compared PE teachers to teachers of other subjects. Method: Data were collected from a nationally representative sample of public school teachers in the United States. Descriptive statistics were used to describe teachers’ support for PD and the types of PD activities in which they participated. Also, types of professional support received among newly hired teachers and their perceptions of professional preparation were described. Results: PE teachers reported fewer PD activities compared to teachers of other subjects. They were also less likely to receive release time from teaching and to be financially compensated for PD activities. Newly hired PE teachers, compared to other newly hired teachers, reported higher levels of professional support. Discussion: Based on the results of this study, recommendations are provided concerning support for PD among PE teachers and newly hired PE teachers.Subscribe to TPE

Author Biographies

Catherine E. Cardina, Buffalo State College

Catherine Cardina is a former elementary and secondary physical education teacher and is a permanently certified PE and Health teacher in New York State. Currently, she is an assistant professor teaching primarily in the Health and Wellness Program in the Department of Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics at Buffalo State College. 

Carol DeNysschen, Buffalo State College

Chair and Associate ProfessorDepartment of Health, Nutrition and Dietetics