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Measured Effectiveness and Decision-Making Processes of National Board and Non-Board Certified Physical Education Teachers

Jennifer E. Houston, Pamela Kulinna, Hans van der Mars, Kent Lorenz


The conceptual framework for this study was the Five Core Propositions of the National Board Certification (NBC) for teachers. This study evaluated teaching effectiveness and the decision-making processes employed by NBC and non-NBC physical education teachers. Process measures of teaching effectiveness were used (e.g., Academic Learning Time–Physical Education and the System of Observing Fitness Instruction Time), along with stimulated recall interviews. Four teachers (2 with/without certification) were given an experimental teaching unit and explicit student learning outcome objective that they implemented over three lessons. All analyses suggested NBC physical education teachers were not more effective than their non-NBC counterparts, and teacher decisions were similar. Three themes emerged across groups: (a) previous lessons painted the future, (b) mind on the physical, and (c) goal-directed instruction. The NBC organization claims that the process of certification is designed to develop/retain/ recognize accomplished teachers; however, these outcomes need more study in this setting.

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teaching effectiveness; national board certification; Experimental Teaching Unit

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