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  • Ryan Sklapsky Lloydminster Comprehensive High School



Lloydminster Comprehensive High School (LCHS) has been open since the early 1950s. Early in the history of LCHS, nicknamed the Barons, a decision was made to compete in the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA) instead of the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA). The city of Lloydminster is unique because it sits directly on the border of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The student enrollment at LCHS fluctuates between 800 and 1,000 students each year. The reason for the fluctuation stems from three primary reasons. Many young families move into Lloydminster that have kids of different ages, which affects the school enrollments at various schools. The dependability of the oil and gas sector has seen great rises and dramatic setbacks in recent years. This has seen Lloydminster drop and swell in population numbers based on employment opportunities. Last, a third middle school to house students was opened in 2014. College Park School opened up as a kindergarten to Grade 9 school and has over 600 students in attendance. LCHS draws students from three schools in the public school division, but also has students who come from rural Saskatchewan and Alberta for the advanced placement programs in math and English, trades programming with technology advancements to prepare the students for the workforce, and over 140 course offerings. The writer of this paper hopes to show that a move to the SHSAA is necessary for the success of student athletes now and in the future. This essay highlights football, volleyball, and basketball as the primary sports of discussion. 

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Author Biography

Ryan Sklapsky, Lloydminster Comprehensive High School

Athletic Director

Lloydminster Comprehensive High School

Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada