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Integrating the Pedometer Into Physical Education: Monitoring and Evaluating Physical Activity, Pedagogical Implications, Practical Considerations, and Recommendations

Andreas Fröberg, Anders Raustorp


The necessity for physical activity during physical education has gained increased and widespread attention during the last few decades. However, without monitoring mechanisms it is challenging for physical education teachers to (a) get a notion of the extent to which lessons are providing physical activity, (b) evaluate the effectiveness of efforts to increase physical activity, and (c) determine whether students are reaching the recommended 50% moderate-to-vigorous physical activity target. In this paper, we argue the advantage of physical education teachers monitoring and evaluating physical activity by integrating the pedometer into the physical education program. We also provide physical education teachers with the pedagogical implications, as well as the practical considerations and recommendations, of integrating the pedometer into physical education lessons.

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Health promotion; Motion sensors; Physical education teacher training; Steps

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