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Effect of a Physical Education Training Program on the Physical Education Teaching Efficacy of Classroom Teacher Candidates

Hüseyin Ünlü, Mustafa Kayıhan Erbaş


This study investigated the effectiveness of a 1-week physical education training program (PETP) on the physical education teaching efficacy (PE teaching efficacy) of classroom teacher candidates (CTCs). A quasi-experimental design with pretest–posttest experimental and control groups was used. The study included two groups: (a) an experimental group of CTCs (n = 24) enrolled in a PETP and (b) a control group of CTCs (n=30) not enrolled in a PETP. Subjects were tested via a PE teaching efficacy scale (Humphries, Hebert, Daigle, & Martin, 2012). A Wilcoxon signed-rank test determined differences between each group from pretest to posttest. The data analysis showed no significant differences between pretest and posttest in the control group; however, it found significant differences in favor of posttest in the experimental group. Finally, the PETP affected the PE teaching efficacy of CTCs.

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classroom teacher; physical education; physical activity; efficacy; teacher candidate

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