Exercise and Fitness for Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Case Report of a Group Intervention


  • Marcia J. Carter
  • Katy M. McCown
  • Forest J. Martin
  • R. Wacker
  • D. Gaede
  • T. Andy Fernandez


Developmental Disabilities, Fitness Program, Inclusion Practices


The purpose of this case report was to describe the implementation of an exercise program with adults with developmental disabilities dwelling in the community. The case report considered the feasibility of delivering a group intervention comprised of cardiovascular activities and weight training in a community recreation center when fitness areas were available and being used by the public. A second purpose was to report inclusion best practices that supported initial program implementation. After 11 weeks, comparison of fitness assessments from pre- to post-program on 11 participants noted positive and negative changes. Results suggested that a "low-tech" group fitness intervention protocol using reported inclusion best practices supported implementation of this program with community dwelling participants.





Practice Perspective