Facing the Self: The Magic of Qualitative Methodology


  • Orazio "Ori" Caroleo


Qualitative Research Methods, Logs, Therapeutic Recreation


This personal narrative describes the value of maintaining a log while utilizing qualitative methods of research. The log plays a vital role in the analysis of qualitative data. It is the file for all collected data. The log is the place where, through personal dialogue, the researcher confronts his/her involvement with the data, feelings, assumptions, and biases, and ongoing ideas about method. Selected excerpts from actual logs are presented that demonstrate areas of personal struggle and how these struggles actually strengthened the richness and truthfulness of the data. This personal narrative will attempt to demonstrate the usefulness of the log in the research process by sharing excerpts from actual logs documenting the researcher's confrontations with personal issues and how these confrontations lead to a fuller understanding of the phenomenon under investigation.





Practice Perspective