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Feasibility of Using Yoga as Problem- and Emotion-Focused Coping For Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Pilot Study

Molly Richardson, Brandi M. Crowe, Marieke Van Puymbroeck, Brent L. Hawkins


Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are at a greater risk for experiencing stress, particularly stress associated with negative interpersonal relations, in comparison to individuals without disabilities. The purpose of this study was to: (a) explore whether participation in yoga served as a coping strategy for adults with IDD; and (b) determine the feasibility of researching stress and yoga as coping among individuals with IDD. Using a multi-method research design, participants completed a quantitative assessment before and after the seven-and-a-half week yoga intervention, and a semi-structured interview post-intervention. Qualitative findings suggest that yoga can serve as an emotionfocused coping strategy for adults with IDD, as it may increase participants’ mood and enhance their perceived social support. Future research should evaluate yoga as a form of coping for adults with IDD, and identify best practices for conducting stress and coping-related research with adults with IDD.

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Coping; intellectual and developmental disabilities; yoga; recreational therapy; stress

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