Impact of a Home Leisure Educational Program for Older Adults Who Have Had a Stroke (Home Leisure Educational Program)


  • Kareen Nour
  • Johanne Desrosiers
  • Pierre Gauthier
  • Helene Carbonneau


Leisure Educational Program, Older Adults Who Have Had a Stroke, Quality of Life, Depression, Home Rehabilitation


Leisure education seems to be an important step for older adults who have difficulty adjusting psychologically after a stroke. A randomized clinical trial design tested this hypothesis. The participants were assigned to two groups, an experimental leisure educational group and a placebo "friendly visit" group, and received 10 individual sessions at home after discharge from rehabilitation. Baseline assessments were carried out upon admission to the study and upon discharge (i.e., first session at home, and the second assessment 10 weeks later). The participants receiving the home leisure educational program performed significantly better on physical and total quality of life measures than the placebo participants.





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