Exploring the Leisure Behavior Patterns and Experiences of Youth with Endocrinological Disorders: Implications for Therapeutic Recreation


  • Linda L. Caldwell
  • Jordan W. Finkelstein
  • Beth Demers


Endocrinological Disorders, Leisure, Therapeutic Recreation, Youth


There is some evidence in the medical literature to suggest that adolescents with endocrinological disorders such as short stature (SS), delayed puberty (DP), and diabetes mellitus (DM) encounter potentially significant social psychological problems and warrant further investigation. The purpose of our study was to determine whether therapeutic recreation intervention is necessary in the lives of adolescents with SS, DP, and DM by examining their leisure behavior patterns and experiences. All adolescents in the study were diagnosed with an endocrinological problem. Of the 178 adolescents who agreed to participate in the study, 83 were male and 91 were female. We found the leisure behaviors and experiences of adolescents with SS, DP, and DM were similar to a clinical comparison group. Recency of the discovery of the problem was related to increased parental control (p < .062) and this parental control was greater for those diagnosed with SS/DP and DM (p < .080). We discuss these findings in relationship to recent studies on youth with endocrinological disorders and make recommendations for therapeutic recreation.





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