An Ethnographic Study Examining the Impact of a Therapeutic Recreation Program on People with AIDS: In Their Own Words


  • Orazio Caroleo


This study examined the impact of AIDS on one's leisure and the benefits of participating in a therapeutic recreation (TR) program. The investigation focused on specific activities offered by a TR program and their impact on levels of anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and social support systems. Five participants with different backgrounds were selected for the study; participants were from a TR program specifically designed to address the needs of people with AIDS. Methodology included in-depth interviews and direct observations of the participants engaged in TR activities. Participants described how they felt about their basic human needs prior to their involvement with the TR program and specifically, how they believed the TR program filled these needs. They explained how certain activities offered by the TR program actually increased their ability to cope with anxiety attacks, and how the social support found at the TR program provided them with a sense of community.





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