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Aquatic Therapy In Community- Based Therapeutic Recreation: Pain Management In a Case of Fibromyalgia

Kenneth E. Mobily, Marie D. Verburg


The purpose of this case report was to describe the effects of an aquatic exercise program with an individual with fibromyalgia. A 59 year old female school teacher with fibromyalgia participated in an aquatic therapy program for a period of four and one-half months in a community-based therapeutic recreation setting. Shortly after participation was initiated, she reported relief from acute pain. Later, improvement in the degree to which pain interfered with functional activities was noted. In particular, she reported returning to work on a half-time basis and regained the stamina to participate in her favorite recreation and social activities. Findings from this case are consistent with those obtained from larger clinical trials using exercise interventions with persons diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Implications for community-based therapeutic recreation are discussed.


Aquatic Therapy, Community-Based Therapeutic Recreation, Fibromyalgia, Pain Disability Index (PDI), Self-Efficacy, Sleep Deprivation, Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

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