Promoting Health and Wellness: A Research-Based Case Report


  • Janet Sable
  • Patti Craig
  • David Lee


Health Promotion, Leisure Lifestyle, Paraplegia, Secondary Conditions, Spinal Cord Injury, Transition Service, Therapeutic Recreation Intervention


This case report summarizes a therapeutic recreation (TR) intervention involving a research participant with a T-12 complete spinal cord injury (SCI). The participant experienced an innovative community-based health promotion program entitled Project PATH (Promoting Access, Transition and Health; Sable & Gravink, 1999). This transitional service involves a variety of interventions including wellness education, an individualized fitness program, recreation skill development with family and friends, community accessibility and advocacy, and peer mentoring. This case depicts the outcomes from one individual with a recent SCI who received professional community-based TR services through involvement with Project PATH. The goal of this transitional health-promoting program is to attain and maintain health and decrease the rate of occurrence of secondary conditions of disability resulting in an enhanced quality of life.





Practice Perspective