A Model for Clinical Supervision in the Field of Therapeutic Recreation: The APIE/D Model of Clinical Supervision





RT/TR, APIED, clinical supervision, healthcare worker wellness


Clinical supervision in the field of therapeutic recreation is emphasized as part of the internship experience, but is not widely provided to practicing CTRSs beyond that time. While the American Therapeutic Recreation Association does not address clinical supervision in its Standards for Practice, the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification notes clinical supervision as part of its Job Analysis. In order to yield improved client outcomes, improved wellness in direct-care CTRSs, and improved clinical skills, a model for clinical supervision for CTRSs is proposed. Due to the familiarity that all CTRSs have with the APIE/D process of recreation therapy practice, the authors suggest implementing the APIE/D model of clinical supervision with practicing CTRSs.

Author Biographies

Jacqueline Dyke, SUNY Cortland

Assistant Professor, Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department

Em V. Adams, Lehman College

Assistant Professor, Health Sciences Department