Effects of Leisure Education on Self-Determination, Social Interaction, and Positive Affect of Young Adults With Mental Retardation


  • Richard Williams
  • John Dattilo


Leisure Education, Mental Retardation, Single Subject Research, Therapeutic Recreation, Self-Determination, Social Interaction, Positive Affect


A single-subject, multiple baseline across participants design was used to investigate theeffects of a leisure education program on the self-determination, social interaction, andpositive affect (the dependent variables) during the free time of a group of young adultswith mental retardation. Participants were four adults with mental retardation who workedat a vocational training center in a small town located in the Southeastern United States.Results of the effects of a leisure education intervention were mixed. While participantshad higher levels of positive affect at follow-up than during baseline, it appears that theleisure education program had little impact on the other dependent variables. Design considerationsand issues related to leisure education are discussed.





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