The Effects of a Leisure Education Program on Leisure Participation and Psychosocial Weil-Being of Two Older Women Who Are Home-Centered


  • Nicole J. Dunn
  • Barbara Wilhite


Leisure Education, Older Adults, Home-Centered, Leisure Participation, Psychosocial Weil-Being, Single Subject Research


The purpose of this study was to develop and implement a leisure education program and determine its effects on the leisure participation and psychosocial well-being of older women who are home-centered. A single subject multiple baseline research design across participants was employed. Effects were assessed by introducing the leisure education program (intervention) across participants at different points in time. The intervention consisted of participation in a leisure education program twice a week for one hour over eight weeks. Participants' leisure participation was positively affected by the leisure education program. Positive changes were noted in leisure participation frequency and duration during each condition, and were replicated across both participants. The measures of psychosocial well-being (i.e., boredom, loneliness, and depression) were not affected by the leisure education program.





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