The Leisure of Caregivers of Older Adults: Implications for CTRS's in Non-traditional Settings


  • Leandra A. Bedini
  • Diane M. Guinan


Caregivers, Non-traditional Recreation Settings, Barriers to Leisure


Little research exists that explores perceptions and experiences of caregivers of older adults with specific regard to their leisure. The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of leisure and leisure experiences of women who were informal caregivers of older adults. Sixteen respondents, identified through theoretical sampling, participated in tape recorded in-depth interviews. Analysis consisted of constant comparison and analytic induction. Three concepts emerged from this data: leisure experiences of caregivers, changes in leisure since caregiving, and barriers (both internal and external) to leisure as a result of caregiving. Implications and specific strategies generated from the data regarding providing leisure services for caregivers are discussed.





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