Discrepancy Analysis and a Proposal for Service Provision: Case History of an Older Individual with Down Syndrome


  • Marti E. May
  • Barbara A. Hawkins
  • Susan J. Eklund
  • Kyung-ae Kim
  • Nancy Brattain Rogers
  • Hyunsook Sung


Activities of Daily Living, Depression, Discrepancy Analysis, Down Syndrome, Leisure Participation, Lifestyle Satisfaction, Mental Illness, Proposal for Intervention/ practice, Sensory Loss, Support Services


The present inquiry tendered a systematic examination of the literature and an interpretation of practice which was grounded in a recent research case. An analysis of the literature revealed symptoms of an individual with Down syndrome that were identified as congruous  with the indicators of depression, although no formal determination of mental illness had previously been diagnosed. Service needs and circumstances were presented in lieu of a clinical practice case description. A discrepancy analysis was implemented in order to provide recommendations and implications for the service needs of the individual in an effort to inform and to advance the state of practice for older persons with Down syndrome.