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Physiological Response Patterning of Verbal and Mental Recreational Reminiscence

Michael A. Tarrant, John Dattilo, Bev. L. Driver, Michael J. Manfredo


Forty-four college students without disabilities each recalled a stimulating recreation experience, a relaxing recreation experience, and a distressful exam experience. Measures of heart rate, pulse volume, and skin conductance were continuously recorded during 3 minutes of mental recollection and during 1 minute of verbal recollection. Overall, verbal recollections produced a much greater sympathetic response than mental recollections. However, significant interactions suggest this is not independent of the type of experience recalled: a much greater sympathetic response was associated with the stimulating and distressful recollections than for the relaxing recollection. Support for both a situational response specificity and an individual response specificity was found. Evidence of how the two types of recreational reminiscence can be applied in therapeutic situations is examined.


Reminiscence, Recollections, Psycho-physiological Measures, Therapeutic Recreation

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