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Ropes Course Participation and Post-Activity Processing on Transient Depressed Mood of Hospitalized Adult Psychiatric Patients

David Chakravorty, Eric P. Trunnell, Gary D. Ellis


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of participation in ropes course activity sessions on transient depressed mood of hospitalized adult patients diagnosed with major depression. Lubin's Depression Adjective Checklist (DACL) was used to measure depressed mood. A two-factor repeated measures design was used, with DACL measures taken from each of 25 patients on six occasions: immediately before participation, immediately after participation, immediately after post-activity processing, and, on the day after the ropes course session, DACL measures were taken at times corresponding to the intervals used on the day of the activity. An interaction between participation and time of observation was hypothesized; DACL scores were expected to decrease as participants progressed through the activity phases of the ropes course session, while DACL scores for the day after measures were not expected to vary significantly from one another. Results supported this hypothesis.


Ropes Course, Mood, Experiential Education, Therapeutic Recreation

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