Parents' Perspectives on Leisure Patterns of Youth Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems


  • John Dattilo
  • Janice Light
  • Susan St. Peter
  • Kathleen Sheldon


Leisure, Therapeutic Recreation, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems, Communication Disorder, Survey


In response to the lack of information regarding the leisure patterns of people using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems, a Leisure, Communication, and Social Participation Survey (LCSPS) was developed to acquire information from parents about their children who use AAC systems (n = 55) and their siblings (« = 35) who had no disabilities. The two groups of children did not differ significantly with respect to gender or age. Results indicated statistically significant differences between the groups relative to diversity of leisure participation, social communication associated with leisure participation, assistance required for leisure participation, and freedom to choose recreation activities. Levels of reported enjoyment were not statistically different between the two groups. Differences between the groups were reported by the parents concerning their children's interest in receiving assistance from someone to help them with recreation participation. However, parents indicated that they perceived both groups of children wanted to attend sessions on leisure education. Implications for families and professionals are discussed.





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