Lessons Learned from Take Care: A Brief Leisure Education Intervention for Caregivers


  • Susan L. Hutchinson
  • Susan Doble
  • Grace Warner
  • Cyndee MacPhee


Caregivers, leisure education, self-care, self-efficacy theory, self-management support


Caregivers often struggle to address their own needs related to self-care while also supporting their care recipients to be more self-determined in living with a chronic health condition. Despite this need, caregiver attendance at multi-session programs is challenging if it takes time away from caregiving responsibilities. To address these issues, a brief three-hour leisure education intervention, named Take Care, was developed. The workshop aimed to introduce caregivers to skills that would enhance their self-efficacy for engaging in leisure-based self-care and self-management support. The workshop was piloted at four different community-based sites; evaluation was conducted by administering a questionnaire to participants (N = 11) before and after attending one of the four workshops. There was a statistically significant change in perceived self-efficacy related to helping care recipients set and achieve goals. Workshop participants expressed satisfaction with being able to share their experiences with other caregivers. Challenges with recruitment and implementation are discussed and recommendations are made for future research and program development.





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