Some Thoughts about Leisure Education, Therapeutic Recreation, and the Philosophy of Spiderman


  • John Dattilo
  • Richard Williams


Leisure education, therapeutic recreation, self-determination, respect, research


In this brief paper, the authors identify a few principles that guide their work as therapeutic recreation practitioners, educators, and researchers that seem appropriate to share here. The authors describe how they believe that respect and self-determination are the foundation of therapeutic recreation practice and leisure education delivery. An overview of these concepts is provided and information is presented about the complexity of the construct of self-determination. In addition, research examining the value of promoting self-determination is highlighted. When providing leisure education and analyzing therapeutic recreation services, professionals are encouraged to access various methods and perspectives to address any issue. Next, the authors draw the reader’s attention to the difference between conducting research and providing comprehensive leisure education services. Further, they suggest that engaging in a dialogue on a topic is helpful and that there is a variety of ways to engage in scholarly discourse. Finally, the authors admit their position of privilege and communicate their dedication to conscientiously pursuing truth in a respectful manner.





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