Photovoice: A Collaborative Methodology Giving Voice to Underserved Populations Seeking Community Inclusion


  • Ginger Walton
  • Stuart J. Schleien
  • Lindsey R. Blake
  • Catherine Trovato
  • Tyler Oakes


Advocacy/self-advocacy, collaboration, inclusion, obstacles, Photovoice, university-community partnership


Through a collaborative effort between a local university and an advocacy organization, adults with intellectual and developmental disability participated in a community-based participatory action research project using Photovoice, a methodology that incorporates photography to give a voice to those typically unheard. The process enabled this marginalized group to share stories of barriers and supports to community inclusion. Additional collaboration through support for these adults, as well as increasing community awareness by connecting with large public venues, contributed to the success of this ongoing initiative. By collaborating at multiple levels, the CTRS has an opportunity to serve as a catalyst in this process for any population that finds itself on the outside of the community with a desire to participate and belong.