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Analysis of Participation Levels in Activity Programming at a Correctional Mental Health Facility

Emily Messina, Yoshitaka Iwasaki


This paper examines factors of participation in activity programming, presenting the results of a secondary data analysis of resident records at a state-run forensic mental health treatment facility. Factors contributing to participation as well as characteristics of those with high participation means were examined within both a voluntary referralbased activity program and a mandatory structured activity program. The results suggest that, despite many differences between the samples of residents receiving the two programs, there were specific characteristics more common among those with higher participation means, such as a higher sum of activity hours per month, a higher mean sum of hours in each activity type per month, and a decreased length of stay (LOS). The results also demonstrated a therapeutic value to the activity programs offered, regardless of the voluntary or mandatory nature of the program.


Participation; programming; activity; mental health; psychiatric; corrections

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