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A Rejoinder to Van Puymbroeck, Austin, and McCormick’s Therapeutic Recreation Hidden Curriculum Article

Rodney B. Dieser


The purpose of writing this rejoinder is two-fold. First, to refute Van Puymbroeck, Austin, and McCormick’s (2010) argument that research exposing hidden curriculum is absent in therapeutic recreation. Second, to underscore the difference between weak sense and strong sense critical thinking and argue that Van Puymbroeck, Austin, and McCormick’s article advocating for hidden curriculum is located in a weak sense critical thinking framework and that strong sense critical thinking is needed in order to better locate hidden curriculum. This paper ends by suggesting that therapeutic recreation professionals and academics need to incorporate a strong sense critical thinking framework when examining hidden curriculum both at the university and professional setting.


Critical thinking; cross-ethnic practice; curriculum reform; formal education; hidden curriculum; professional preparation

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