Interorganizational Linkage and Recreation for Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities


  • Patrick C West


Handicapped, Recreation, Linkage, Interagency Coordination, Jnter~ agency Cooperation, Stigma, Parks


This paper examines, through depth interviews with agency personnel, linkages betweensocial service agencies that serve the handicapped and park and recreationagencies that manage outdoor recreation resources. About half of the respondents Inthis study indicated that their agencies maintained at least some type of linkage betweenpark agencies and/or social service agencies. Positive functions of interagencycooperation included the expansion of access to programs and facilities, opportunitiesto share resources and reduce costs, and the potential for communication and mutualeducation about needs and problems. One negative consequence that can occur is theuse of linkage by park personnel to channel handicapped groups away from contactwith the general public, thus frustrating community integration goals. This studyidentifies a number of strategies and problems in achieving effective linkagerelationships.





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