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Progressive Weight Loss With Therapeutic Recreation and Nutritional Planning: A Six Week Study

Jesse T Dixon


Obesity can lead to physical and emotional handicaps. Due to a poor level offitness, obese
individuals frequently experience difficulty with recreation activities and experience negative
social interactions. The use ofdaily activity to increase caloric output and nutritional
planning to decrease caloric intake is considered to be an effective strategy for reducing the
total body weight and decreasing the percent ofbody fat. Twenty-three obese boys between
9 and 18 years of age attended a six week camp which programmed therapeutic recreation
activities and a nutrition program to promote weight loss. The mean weight loss for the six
week period was 23.68 pounds and the mean reduction in the percent ofbody fat was 11.08
percent. Participation in therapeutic recreation activities can contribute to progressive
weight loss and the reduction ofbody fat in the treatment ofobesity. In addition, recreation
programming can encourage obese individuals to be self-directed for their participation in


Therapeutic Recreation, Nutrition, Weight Loss

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