A Survey of Leisure and Recreation Programs Offered by Agencies Serving Traumatic Head Injured Adults


  • Suzanne M Fazio
  • Kathleen B Fralish


Traumatic Head Injury, Post-Acute Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Recreation, Survey, Interdisciplinary Treatment.


This article describes a study conducted to determine the status of leisure and recreation programs currently being offered to head injured individuals participating in post-acute rehabilitation programs. A questionnaire was sent to 135 post-acute rehabilitation programs. Responses were received from 52% of the sample. Of the agencies surveyed, 88.5 % currently offer recreation programs. Lack of funding and staff shortages were the most common reasons cited for non-existant recreation and leisure programs. The recreation and leisure education goals which were viewed as most important included social skill development and reduction of inappropriate behaviors in order to promote successful community reintegration. Assessment tools and a list of leisure skills/activities for the head injured population were the tpes of assistance recommended by respondents. This study is the first national survey which has examined existing recreation programs in head injuryrehabilitation settings.





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