Needed: Active Therapeutic Recreation for High Level Quadriplegics


  • Andrew I Batavia


Quadriplegic, Active Recreation, Darts, Passive Recreation, Respiratory Therapy


A problem for many high-level quadriplegics and other persons with reduced  arm and hand function is the lack of active forms of recreation available to them. These persons are rapidly growing in numbers, but have few means by which to release their tensions recreationally and pass their leisure hours. Passive forms of recreation are often not fully satisfactory to them; they require activities that provide a strong physical release. For example, an acceptable activity for many high-level individuals is "blowdarts." Shooting velcro darts at a target with a blowgun is an affordable social and competitive activity in which high-level quadriplegics can actively participate. It appears to offer positive therapeutic effects for the user, in terms of building the respiratory muscles. Therapeutic recreation must foster the development and dissemination of new non-passive forms of recreation, such as blowdarts, to meet the needs of persons with little or no arm and hand function.





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