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Effects of a Short-Term Leisure Education Program Upon the Leisure Functioning of Young People with Spina Bifida

Dean A Zoerink


The purpose of this investigation was to explore the effects of a short-term leisure education program using value clarification strategies upon the leisure functioning of 14-21 year old young people with spina bifida. The Leisure Diagnostic Battery, Long Form Version A was used to collect pretest and posttest data from four young people with spina bifida who were involved in a six-week leisure education program. The data were considered using visual inspection techniques. The findings revealed that these individuals functioned adequately in leisure, were cognizant of the barriers prohibiting involvement in recreation activities, were knowledgeable about various aspects related to recreation activity involvement, and preferred social and physical recreation experiences.


Leisure Education, Values Clarification, Spina Bijida, Orthopedically Disabled

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