Avocational Skill Development for Neurobehaviorally Impaired Inpatients


  • Sigmund Hough
  • Dolores Brady


Neurobehalliorally Impafred, Avocational Skills" Reh'lJilJiJitation, l ·Stroke, Inpatient Population, Traumatic Head Injury.


The Training Avocational Behaviors (TAB) Program is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Neuropsychology and Therapeutic· Recreation at Braintree Hospital, Braintree, Massachusetts.. Following neurological trauma a person's social and attentional skills are often decreased causing the individual to interact inappropriately, not initiate interaction, or show an increase in maladaptive behaviors. The therapeutic recreation specialist and psychologist conduct an evaluation and formulate goals for the patient based upon identified areas of strengths and deficits. In either group or individual settings, patients are provided· opportunity to self-monitor and receive feedback regarding their behavior while interacting with  staff and patients. The purpose of this paper is to describe a program that focuses on improving appropriate social interaction, developing leisure skills, and·decreasing maladaptive behaviors. Procedures used to evaluate program effectiveness and·future research recommendations are discussed.





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