Caution! Leisure Counselors at Work: Long Term Effects of Leisure Counseling


  • Linda L Caldwell
  • Susan Adolph
  • Adrienne Gilbert


Leisure Counseling, Transitional Programs, Rehabilitation


This study examined the long and short term effects ofparticipation in a leisure counseling program· and a general recreation program while hospitalized in a rehabilitation facility. Specifically the study focused on (1) the relationship between involvement in the leisure counseling program and participation in the general recreation program while hospitalized and (2) the relationship between participation in the leisure counseling program while in the hospital and subsequent leisure participation, satisfaction, and attitudes after discharge. The sample consisted of 155 individuals who had been discharged from a rehabilitation facility in Toronto between 1982 and 1986. Findings indicated that while individuals who participated in the leisure counseling program felt better prepared to deal with their free time after discharge than did those who did not participate in leisure counseling, they also felt more bored, less satisfied, and felt they had more internal barriers to their leisure.





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