The Method of Applied Philosophy


  • Kenneth E Mobily


Philosophy, Scientific Method, Therapeutic Recreation, Ethics in Health Care, Epistemology


The purpose of this paper is to compare science and philosophy, define applied philosophy,provide criteria for evaluating applied philosophy in therapeutic recreation, and survey topic areas within the sphere of philosophy. If the public-ness of the knowledge discovered and created is the test of objectivity, then the scientist's data are no more objective than the philosopher's. Good philosophy can be independently verified, just as good science can be independently verified. Like the scientist in an applied field, the philosopher seeks a solution to a practical problem. The scientist begins with a research problem or hypothesis, the philosopher starts with a claim. The sound philosophical work is judged by "testing" the author's arguments, evaluating the strength of the arguments, and determining the uniqueness of the contribution. Topics best addressed by philosophy are related to ethical and moral issues, but potential contributions by philosophy also lie in other areas, such as epistemology.





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