Automated Versus Manual Leisure Assessment: A Comparison


  • Kathleen J Halberg
  • Roy H Olsson


Leisure Assessment, Microcomputer, Reliability, Attitudes, Leisure Diagnostic Battery


Agencies providing therapeutic recreation services must be able to conduct reliable and sophisticated leisure assessments in as time efficient a manner as possible. One way to address time efficiency that has been successfully implemented for psychological assessments is to adapt manual assessments for use with a microcomputer. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of an automated version of selected scales of the Leisure Diagnostic Battery with institutionalized mentally ill adolescents.Subjects were randomly assigned to either an automated or manual condition to complete leisure assessments; all subjects also completed an attitude perception scale. Results indicated that the automated version was reliable. While there was no significant difference in administration time between automated and manual methods, automated scoring was significantly faster than manual. In addition, significantly fewer errors were made in scoring using the automated method, and users had significantly more positive attitudes toward automated than manual assessment..





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