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Perceived Effects of a Training Program to Enhance Family Members' Ability to Facilitate Reminiscing with Older Disoriented Residents

Caroline R Weiss, Janice M Thurn


The purpose of this exploratory field study was to ascertain the effects of a training program for relatives on perceived knowledge, skill and satisfaction in relating to and reminiscing with disoriented residents in a long term care facility. This entailed preparation of a Needs Assessment, curriculum, and training manual. To prepare for their role as trainers to the family members, recreation students completed a 10 hour seminar on Confusion, Memory, Reminiscence, Family and Adult Learners. Twelve family members of confused nursing home residents were randomly assigned to an experimental and a control group. Later the control group also received the experimental treatment. T-tests and ANCOVA were employed to analyze data. Findings were mostly consistent with the hypothesis that family members who completed the training would respond more positively than a control group on a posttest of perceptions. Findings also supported the hypothesis that those who completed the training would show significant gains from pre- to posttest.


Families oiElders, Reminiscing, Dementia, Long Term Care, Therapeutic Recreation

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