Meals, Memories and Memoirs: A Culinary Odyssey


  • Caroline R Weiss
  • Mary Markue-Patch
  • Janice M Thurn


Reminiscence, Long-Term Care, Therapeutic Recreation, Culinary, Oral History


Although reminiscing programs are being offered in long-term care, questions remain about focus and facilitation of this process. A rationale for a culinary focus and various ways of classifying past food-related interests and behaviors are offered. Students worked primarily one-on-one with 8 alert and 6 confused residents on a series of culinary activities designed to stimulate long-term memories. Included were production of a culinary autobiography, composite cookbook, creative culinary artifact and hands on food preparation. Effectiveness of the project is examined through initial qualitative analysis of artifacts produced by the residents, use of non-standardized data collection on facilitation, and student evaluations. Generally positive findings suggest the program can be reproduced inother long-term settings. Recommendations for improving the program are discussed.





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