Building Boats and Character: The Folbot Project


  • Bob Raynor
  • Julia O'Shea
  • Alfred J Finch, Jr


Boat Building, Psychiatry, Innovative Program, Selfconcept, Cooperation


A boat building program was designed and implemented as a treatment program with adult and adolescent psychiatric inpatients at the Medical University of South Carolina. Potential treatment outcomes explored included enhanced self-concept and cooperative ability. The evaluation consisted of a qualitative approach through review of behavioral ratings and anecdotal session notes, and an analysis of pre and post tests of self-esteem, and cooperation and trust. The adult inpatient group successfully completed and launched their craft; a hurricane postponed the completion of the adolescents" boat during the fall of 1989. While the loss of post test data eliminated analyses of the pre and post test data, the review of behavioral data and anecdotal notes found positive growth for a number of patients. The program is recommended for replication in various mental health settings.





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