"Application of Holistic Health Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation"


  • Lou Powell
  • Janet Sable


Holistic Health, Holistic Medicine, Empowerment, Imagery, Relaxation, Affirmations


Recognition of the benefits of empowering the client to take an active role in the healing process and the role of the professional in promoting and developing healing potentials within the individual has received increased attention over the past decade. Such refocusing of power from the medical practitioner to the consumer offers both familiarity and challenge to the therapeutic recreation specialist. This article addresses the need for increased knowledge in the application of specific holistic health techniques. Approaches to the use of breathing and relaxation, imagery and affirmations are presented. These approaches are presented to 1) provide the therapeutic recreation specialist with a starting point for integrating holistic techniques into general practice and 2) provide the client with a starting point for participating in his/her own healing.





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