An Exploration of the Relationships Among Substance Abuse, Recreation, and Leisure for Women Who Abuse Substances


  • Ann M Rancourt


Leisure Education, Substance Abuse, Drug-Free Lifestyle


The purposes of this study were to describe the implementation of a comprehensive leisure education program (CLEP) based on the Mundy-Odum Leisure Education Model, and to accumulate baseline descriptive information from women in a six month substance abuse treatment program. Data included information about the role substance abuse plays in their recreation participation and leisure experiences. Review ofthe literature indicates a dearth of information on leisure as it is experienced by women substance abusers. Using qualitative methods, data were collected in an exploratory field study (N = 40) regarding the interrelationship of recreation, leisure, and substance abuse, and the role recreation and leisure can play in a drug-free lifestyle. Nine themes emerged from the data analysis: motivation, barriers, playfulness, self-esteem, locus of control, spirituality, decision-making, parenting, and the benefits of recreation participation and leisure experiences.





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