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Cross-Cultural Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation

Rodney G. Dieser


The cross-cultural assessment model presented in this paper draws heavily on the academic literature in cross-cultural mental health counseling, and in particular, the academic labor of McAuliffe and Erickson (1999) and McAuliffe, Erickson, and Kress (2005). The primary purpose of the manuscript is to adapt the context-phase-stage-style (CPSS) model into the field of therapeutic recreation. The CPSS model is an interactive assessment framework to gain information about clients related to how their cultural identity and social contexts are related to their presenting problem and leisure behaviors. Beyond presenting the CPSS assessment model this paper will also outline broad factors to consider when assessing clients from ethnic minority backgrounds.


context-phase-stage-style model of ethical assessment; cross-cultural assessment tests/inventories; cross-cultural therapeutic recreation assessment; cultural identity; minority identity development; white racial identity

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