Modification Procedures for Instruments With Adolescents With an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Pilot Testing and Initial Psychometrics


  • Jasmine Townsend
  • Marieke Van Puymbroeck


autism spectrum disorder, instrument modification procedures, psychometrics, family leisure involvement


While there has been much research on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), directly involving individuals with an ASD in research has not been common. Studies that do include these individuals typically collect data from higher functioning individuals. Further, few studies have explained administration procedures or modifications to instruments that would allow individuals with an ASD to participate in research. The purpose of this study was to modify the Family Leisure Activity Profile, Family Leisure Satisfaction Scale, and the Satisfaction with Family Life Scale for use with a sample of adolescents with an ASD, and then pilot test the instruments with the intent to establish initial psychometric properties. A detailed discussion of the modification procedures is provided, and acceptable psychometric properties are reported. Recommendations and limitations are discussed.



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