Effects of Exercise on Acute Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Older Adults


  • William B. Karper
  • Allan H. Goldfarb


Exercise, Stress, Respiratory Infections, Older Adults


The effects of moderate exercise on acute upper and lower respiratory tract infections (ULRI) in adults 63-71 years old were examined, looking at stress as a mediating variable. Thirteen men and women trained for 12 months, 3 days per week for 50-60 minutes per session. Exercise consisted of stretching, light dumbbell weight-training and walking. Data were compared for 8 subjects on ULRI for the year preceding the study vs. the year of training. Also, pre and post training-year data were compared on walking capacity, muscle strength/endurance, grip strength, psycho-social stress and anxiety and white blood cell parameters. Results suggest that moderate, exercise may have been associated with a reduced ULRI in 50% ofthe subjects. Relevance ofthis work and implications for therapeutic recreators working with older adults are noted.



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