The Reliability of the Leisure Diagnostic Battery Short Form Version B in Assessing Healthy, Older Individuals: A Preliminary Study


  • Yi-Shih Chang
  • Jaclyn A. Card


Leisure Diagnostic Battery, Test-Retest Reliability, Older Individuals, Assessment, Instrument Testing


The purpose of this preliminary study was to test the reliability of the Leisure Diagnostic Battery (LDB) Short Form Version B. Thirty-two healthy, older individuals residing in public housing were surveyed using the LDB Short Form Version B. The individuals completed the LDB twice at a three week interval. Intraclass correlation coefficient was used to estimate reliability and alpha coefficient was used to aid in interpreting reliability. The results were inconclusive. Alpha coefficient was acceptable; however, reliability was only moderate. The LDB Short Form Version B for use with healthy, older individuals may require further investigation.



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