Entrepreneurial Mentorship: Innovative Therapeutic Approach for At-risk Youth and Diverse Older Adults


  • Paul Wright
  • Melissa Owen
  • Francis McGuire
  • Kenneth Backman


Aging, lntergenerational Program, Retirement Community, Rural Elderly, Entrepreneurship, At-risk Youth


The purpose of this article is to describe an innovative volunteer program which ties the needs of at-risk youth, new retirees, and long time older residents ofa rural community in a unique environment that fosters both intergenerational and intragenerational relationships. The program, which revolves around a country market setting, allows older adults to convey practical life skills to underprivileged youth, and serve as caring support figures. In addition to the establishment of intergenerational bonds, these mentors also benefit by forming meaningful relationships with their older adult peers from backgrounds very different from their own.



Special Issue