Setting the Stage for Leisure: Encouraging Adults with Mental Retardation who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems to Share Conversations


  • John Dattilo
  • Bernard M. O'Keefe


Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Leisure Participation, Mental Retardation, Conversation Training


Three adults with mental retardation who use augmentative and alternative communication systems were taught conversational control. Trainerstaught participants to gain conversational control by teaching them how to respond to the trainers' initiation and then to take control of the conversation by recoding. A multiple baseline design across subjects was used to determine ifthe intervention resulted in increased conversational control by participants and decreased dominance by speaking partners. Indicators of conversational control (i.e., initiations and response-recodes) increased during training and were m.aintained during generalization probes with the trainer one and three weeks post training. Implications for social interactions during leisure participation are discussed.



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