An Analysis of Articles Published in the Therapeutic Recreation Journal During the 1980's


  • Judith E. Voelkl
  • David R. Austin
  • Catherine Morris


Therapeutic Recreation, Published Articles, Sources ofArticles, Nature of Articles


The purpose of the present investigation was to identify the sources and nature of articles published in the Therapeutic Recreation Journal during the 1980's and to compare these findings to those from an earlier study examining articles published during the 1970's (Austin &Kennedy, 1982). A total of 259 articles that appeared in the journal for the years 1980 through 1989 were systematically examined. Major findings indicate that universitybased males continue to dominate as authors ofarticles, as they had for the 1970's, and that there was a significant increase in the percentage ofresearch articles appearing in the journal during the 1980's, as compared to the 1970's. Discussion revolves around the issue of broadening participation by females and practitioners as authors.



Research Papers