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An Exploratory Study of Leisure Motivation Patterns of Adults with Alcohol and Drug Addictions1

Tamara Lea Blakely, John Dattilo


This exploratory study examined the leisure motivational orientations of adults with alcohol and drug addictions. The Leisure Motivation Scale (Beard & Ragheb, 1983) was used to assess the motivation of persons with addictions to participate in leisure activities. Motivational orientations assessed were intellectual, social, competence mastery, and stimulus avoidance. The specific motivation orientations were examined according to the demographic factors ofage, gender, educational level, and primary drug of choice. Older participants reported a higher competence-mastery orientation than younger participants. Those participants whose primary drug ofchoice was alcohol had higher intellectual leisure orientations than those whose primary drug of choice was cocaine. Differences also existed between men and women, with men identifying higher levels of competence-mastery, social, and intellectual orientations than women. Findings of this study suggest considerable variation in the motivational orientations of adults with alcohol and drug addictions.


Motivation; Addiction; Leisure; Therapeutic Recreation; Alcoholism

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