In-Service Training in Therapeutic Recreation for Persons with Severe Handicaps


  • Ming-Gon John Lian
  • Mack L. Bowen
  • Katherine Egger


Therapeutic Recreation, Severely Disabled, Staff Development


The majority of persons with severe handicaps have been excluded from most therapeutic recreation programs because they are less skill proficient and more difficult to involve. In many cases recreation leaders are neither trained nor prepared to work with severely disabled individuals. The described in-service training project was successful in increasing recreation leaders' competency for working with persons who have severe handicaps.. The project consisted of lectures, audio-visual presentations" simulations, role playing, and group discussion. It was found that the participants' self ratings of their competency in assessment, task analysisll writing individualized recreational objectives, using a behavioral approach, data collection, and program reevaluation were significantly increased (P< .01).. Their overall self evaluation was also increased.. This in-service project was effective in promoting staff training and increasing opportunities for therapeutic recreation for persons with severeharidicaps.



Professional Development