Creating a Positive Work Environment for Therapeutic Recreation Personnel


  • M. Jean Keller


Therapeutic Recreation, Personnel Management, Work Environment, Staff Relations, Staff Morale


It is the role of management in therapeutic recreation to create a working environment where personnel can accomplish their duties; create a.nd maintain relationships; and work together harmoniously and creatively to obtain the organization's mission or purpose. This is an awesome job and therapeutic recreation managers are at times confronted with low-morale environments. Yet, there are strategies which can be employed to create positive working environments for therapeutic recreation personnel. These transformation techniques are: acknowledging negativity, identifying the positives, being available, providing positive recognition, avoiding negative game playing, refraining from negative conversation, avoiding putdowns, and using positive and effective communication. A successful therapeutic recreation supervisor can bring about-positive change in the work environment so that staff members can rise to new levels of performance and self-esteem.



Professional Development